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Create  a comfortable place for your dog now. The ideal blanket for traveling, camping or on the couch. This means your dog always has a "familiar" place to lie on. In addition, the blanket has the Insect Bodyguard technology. 

When your dog lies down on the blanket, the  ticks, fleas, mites, mosquitoes, etc.  that come into contact with the blanket will be killed. 

The INSECT BODYGUARD Dog Blanket   has been  treated with the biocidal substance  Permethrin , the active ingredient of which is based on a natural secretion of chrysanthemums. This substance is harmless to humans and animals but is deadly for insects. 

Duration of operation:  75 washes. 

For optimal protection, we recommend  washing the INSECT BODYGUARD Dog Blanket regularly (in connection with dirt, dust and hair).
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