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De Paander hunting & outdoor can't find everything for you, but also all kinds of articles for your dog. 

For example, we have in stock training belts for dogs of the brand dogtrace. We also have dogs lines and collars. Do you have questions about which is best for your dog is please feel free to contact us or feel free to come along with us in the shop. 

For the perfect training of your dog, we have not only training tires but also whistles. and different types/weights of dummies.

More diverse articles are also provided such as, brushes, take away water bottles. A large stock of dog food, we also have. We supply the brand we have bags of hubertus chunk but also bags wet feed/feed concentrates. Would you like to know what is best for your dog please contact us on feel free to come along with us in the shop. 

De Paander is also dealer of the farmers store to have an even wider range so for you. http://www.boerenwinkel.nl/nl/dealer/524975

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