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About us:

De Paander Hunting & Outdoor aims for quality and service. We have a wide range with different segments and brands. De Paander Jacht & Outdoor is the shop for the hunter and outdoorsman. With our extensive outdoor collection, you are at the right address as a hunter and outdoor enthusiast at De Paander.

With us in the assortment you will find everything you need for a successful hunt. From the right hunting gear to the right (air) weapon, ammunition and accessories for hunting. Furthermore, you will find: weapon safes, high-chairs, outdoor clothing, dog articles and many other items interesting for hunters, outdoor, trekking, dog lovers and hikers.

A selection from our range:
* ammunition, weapons, airguns, weapon safes,
* high seat
* hunting clothes, outdoor clothing,
* dog articles and many other,
for hunters, outdoor, trekking, dog lovers and hikers interesting articles.

With brands like:
* Astri Hunt, * Baleno, * Laksen,
* Fjäll Räven, * Skogen, * Hubertus,
* Chevalier, * Meindl, * Swed team,
* Le Chameau, * Baron, * Kahles,
* Meopta, * Zeiss, * Bynolyt,
* Zealand, * Härkila, * Deerhunter,
* Beaufort, * Blaser, * Duck valley,
* Rascher, * Han wag, * Meindl,
* Falke socks and so on.

Besides hunting / sports ammunition, weapons and air weapons, you will now also find a rifle factory!

With brands like:
* Blaser, * Beretta, * Browning,
* Heym, * Sauer, * Mauser,
* Tika, * Titan, * Norma,
* Geco, * RWS, * Rottweil,
* B & P, * Clever mirage, * S & B,
* Tunet, * Gamo, * Hatsan,
* Crosman, * Weihrauch.

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